Rob Colgate

Everything is either tremendous

success or devastating 

tragedy. My mom sends an article 

to my school email about a woman

who fell in love with her breast 

cancer. Finn deems me the most 

optimistic schizo you will ever meet

but I wish he had said sexy instead

of optimistic. I am learning how 

to make my words crash into 

the table, scatter all of the little 

spoons. I finally understand

how to navigate the grocery store.

Everyone cheers. I turn to the wet

and empty passenger seat. Yes, I was 

thinking about you. Yes, I’m still bleeding.


art by cy @cyberwitch666

Rob Colgate is a Filipino-American poet from Evanston, IL. He holds a degree in psychology from Yale University and is currently pursuing his MFA in poetry with the New Writers Project at UT Austin, where he serves as the nonfiction editor for Bat City Review and is working towards a certificate in critical disability studies. His work is featured in Best New Poets 2020; his first chapbook, So Dark the Gap, was published by Tammy in March 2020 and won the 2020 ReadsRainbow Prize for poetry. You can find him at robcolgate.com.