midwestrn doublespeak dictionary

MP Armstrong

no yeah: yeah                              yeah no: no 


no yeah no: no                             yeah no yeah: yeah 


yeah no for sure: definitely.

certain as the shifts between snow that powders the windows

and gleaming golden sunlight in the middle of a spring day.


alright, well: say it           at least an hour before you actually want 

                         to go home                      while holding out your hands                       for a pan of leftovers;

             feel their warmth through the bottom of the glass, close to burning by the time 

                        you hear the response:             “yeah i suppose. watch for deer. it’s dark out.”


watch for deer, it’s dark out:                  love                  in this state. 

                          even when there’s a gun hidden in the glove compartment,

                                         or not so hidden in the rack, this

                                                      is the only thing that will protect you in the night.


ope: oh.               oops. 

                             i see you.                     midwestern as pop.                  midwestern as the walmart.

midwestern nice,                distinctive as the apostrophe s           added to the name 

             of every store at the mall.

see also:          sorry                   let me squeeze by you                    here it is.          here you are.


art by cy @cyberwitch666

MP Armstrong is a disabled queer writer from Ohio. They are the author of two poetry chapbooks: who lives like this for such a cheap price (Flower Press), and the truth about the sky (Selcouth Station), a reader for Prismatica Magazine, and an editor for Fusion and Curtain Call magazines. Their work is published or forthcoming in Qwerty, Brainchild, and bed zine, among others. Find them online @mpawrites and at mpawrites.wixsite.com/website.