Sabrina the Water Nymph of the Welsh Border

Julieanne Larick

12:47 am, random wednesday, english class the next morning but i’m staying up to write someone a love poem. “someone” is the brightness past 7 in march, is a wild patch of bluebells, is a bobbing shell in the open sea and,

                     i yawn to my 





grandparents licking the bojana dry, h hollowed by j, named themselves a melody, 

ferns upon the water’s fertility, purity their holy cause,

           women / water / one. 

sabrina — sestina your sacred name — shower me in erie, 

             body of dirt / body of sand / body of hurt

unsoil my running soul, frayed lashes made hands, martyred by father’s mistakes, milton wrote you wrong, i’ve known you a long time, you immortal mystic in words, sabrina, spindly arms

disarm your skin, cremation by riverside, saints of bojana swallow you whole, river your glory, 

           river my name.


art by cy @cyberwitch666

Julieanne Larick is a Midwestern Best of the Net-nominated poet. She studies English and Environmental Science at The College of Wooster. Julieanne reads prose for GASHER Journal. She has poems published in perhappened mag, Blue Marble Review, NECTAR Poetry, and others. Her portfolio is and her Twitter is @crookyshanks.