about us

NECTAR is an online literary journal that began in response to the events of 2020 to create space for BIPOC & QT poets. Originally partnered with Hummingbird Mag, NECTAR has moved to our own space after growing consistently for a year thanks to your support.

NECTAR is a net-zero/non-profit organization. All of the funds we make go toward paying our contributors, maintaining our website, and the rest we send to other organizations and charities.

To us, the act of running a literary magazine is actually not all that literary; it is really the act of community building. However, perhaps this means we actually need to realign our view of literature with this: literature as community. To engage with the written word is an inherently communal act. And in community, it is of critical importance for everyone to not just have a voice, but a voice that is respected and, even more so, beloved.

We want to hear your voice. We want poems and stories from the back and bottom of your journal. We want the strange and unforgettable. We want traditional forms made new. We want you to step outside the page and experiment. We can't wait to read your work.


A man in a black beanie carrying a tree on his shoulder
Editor, Founder
Jonathan graduated with a degree in Creative Writing in 2019 and briefly sold his soul before quickly returning to creative pursuits. He spends most of his time painting portraits and hugging trees.
UX Designer
Alison hasn't grown an inch since she was 12. Her love language is food and she will happily talk for hours about Cats (2019 or the felines). She is newly passionate about oranges after a 20+ year hate affair with them.
Editor, Founder
Rayn is a college student from Colorado, but couldn’t tell you shit about the mountains. Eating food & reading about food are tied for their favorite pastime, and they can't wait to read your yummiest work!
Graphic Designer
By day, Amanda conducts user research. By later in the day, she likes to get her hands dirty—lately, this means painting with gouache, repotting her (50+) plants, and writing about 15th century maps.